Before going on, you can baste the layers together; make sure the edges align this time and secure with stitch length of 4-5. $16.99 $ 16. We are looking forward to your pictures! Use gently pressure to iron the collar, working from the middle of the collar out to the ends. This makes it easier to trim the allowances later. There are some steps that would be way too confusing in this fabric, so I will redo them with clearer fabrics and contrast thread. 64. These are level of stiffness, height, size, and spread. Hundreds of thousands of … This way to the community: Community section Sugaridoo-Quilt-Along. I never get sick of looking at this fabric! With all notches and markings matching, pin the lower edge of the stand to the neckline of the shirt through all three thicknesses. Turn inside out and make sure everything looks good and you didn’t catch fabric you weren’t supposed to. $34.64 $ 34. Finish stitching the collar as per the instructions. Together with Irene from Sugaridoo you sew a colorful Mystery-Quilt. Each blog post introduces a new series of the quilt. I love these posts that show different... Jayne Reed: My mat's a little thick, too, and I ended up trim... Jayne Reed: I'm an older lady who made this in the senior cen... Lena: I think its hard to find a good fabric here in Swe... Sue @ A Colourful Canvas: Hey...thanks for the mention Lili! More shirtmaking information today. Fold the inner collar stand over, so both stand pieces are facing right sides with the front piece between them. This is called “stitching in the ditch”, because you try to place your seam in the ditch between the two layers, where there is already a seam that connects those two layers. Trim, if necessary. The picture below shows the under collar with the upper collar peaking out just a bit. Pin the outer stand – the one that will face away from your neck – to the neck. I was supposed to cut two identical ones. I’ll try to put together a tutorial with the next Granville shirt I sew! Lay your work down in front of you. no. The mandarin collar is much like the stand part of the shirt collar. Good steps but I agree with Barbara that it’s hard to see what’s what with the print. You won’t be able to sew very far, but that’s okay, we just want to create a really neat look for the first few centimeters of the stand. Again, I like to start with the center back. God bless you. Ofer. Click here to create your free account. Shirts for Women Stand-Up Collar Vintage Victoria Ruffle Long Sleeve. $22.82 $ 22. Sew the collar pieces together, using a straight stitch and the seam allowance according to the pattern piece. I can revoke my consent to the promotional use of my data at any time and at no cost.*. Now lay the other collar stand on top of the neckline, from the inside of the shirt. And for women who find a certain comfort in doing it. Turn the stand inside out and press the seams. You can decide not to use fusible interfacing but if you want to add to your collar a crisp look and give it some extra support, we recommend interfacing your pieces. The placket is the part I’m thinking of where the Liberty print would be too distracting. You made sewing shirt collar look so easy. I love this pattern. The wrong side should be up, facing you. Not too much out of the ordinary yet, right? Please feel free to copy and use our banner on your blog or your social media profiles. Then top-stitch around collar stand 3 mm from the edge, making sure that lower folded edge of the collar stand is caught in the seam. Mark according to your pattern and sew with the buttonhole program of your sewing machine. Now, I fold the edge of the stand over so the raw edge points into the stand. $71.49 $ 71. I read them, they were standard and I think that the series of post written by Tasia provides great information if you are into the Coffin’s method. Place one side on top of the other, matching stand positions and collar angles. Then I poked a pin into the collar stand where the collar stand ends. Pin and tack it in place on the inner collar stand. Subscribe to the newsletter and receive news, promotions and projects directly in your inbox. I’ll try this method to see which I like better! I came up with this idea of cutting the collar off, which makes … Fold it down and press onto the ironing board. It’s fun to try something new. So if it’s your first collar, you can practice by leaving away some of the refinements first. Thanks for doing these posts. How to do it? You can copy the code and insert it easily at the desired location in your blog. While ironing your shirt, make sure you spray on some starch (you can find it at most supermarkets) on the collar, let it sit for a while, and then pass the iron to make the starch settle in. Press to the WS. Complete guide on how to Instantly get your shirt collar to stand up and look perfect all day? Lay the collar on the collar stand and mark each end of the collar. I understand that BERNINA will process my comments as well as my first and last name for publication and direct marketing purposes and link these to information collected by BERNINA for direct marketing purposes or information derived from the comments (such as captions, tags). You are welcome to copy this banner and use it on your blog or social media channels. Looks pretty good eh? if so, why are we cutting some of the right side center and then adding it back… wouldn’t it be more accurate (and simple…) to just fold the center of both the right side and the left side? Writer Bio. This little rounded area, from pin to where we stopped our stitching at the edge of the front band, is the last part we’ll sew. Stitch together at 5/8″. Below is a look at the inner stand with the outer stand peaking out – almost the same trick I apply at the collar. I found it easiest to work with the clipped side up, so the clips didn’t flip backwards and get caught in the seamline. As you might have guessed, the difference is in the width of the collar itself. To draft the pattern, start by measuring the neckline on the pattern. This means you have to spread the excess amount of fabric of the upper collar evenly. My tips and techniques are for a clean, professional finish. Thank you so very much for the time and effort you put into this excellent tutorial. Straight Collars: These are the basic shirt collar. Step 8 Karen: Hi Lili, It’s very straightforward. The prepared source code will help you to integrate the banner into your blog. It’s on my list to demonstrate soon! It makes it so much clearer. I also like to trim the seam allowance at the “bottom” of the collar where it will be attached to the stand to prevent bulk. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I struggled with my first shirt collar and stand, but will try again following your great tutorial ! Start with your collar piece in main fabric, and one shirt collar piece cut from interfacing. Sew along that drawn-in stitching line, stopping at the point you marked with a pin. Pull the pins out just when you are almost about to hit them with the needle; if you pull them out too soon, the fabric could shift and your folded edge could become undone. To integrate this banner into your blog help yourself with the prepared source code. It seemed to work pretty well, but now I wish I had waited a bit for your post, since you have such nice pictures. For me, the seam where I’ll attach the stand to the neck is 1 cm, so I start sewing 1 cm away from the edge, as you can see below. Lay the right side of the collar stand down, towards the shirt. It’s too small of an area to unpick and I’ve already trimmed it too close. 49. Pick up the shirt and crease the collar as you would wear it. Apply a layer of spray starch to the shirt collar. I can view additional information in the Data Privacy Statement. Turn to face, tuck seam allowances into collar stand and press. If sewing was […], […] post sur le blog de la marque, abondamment illustré, permet de suivre pas-à-pas cette technique : ici. Johnny collar; This is a high stand collar combined with a V neck. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Remember that the first few centimeters of the stand are already secured. And they are the exact same shape, which was the goal of using the template. Register now for free and become part of the BERNINA community. Pin the collar between the two collar pieces. Turn the shirt over, spray the other side of the collar with starch and iron it in the same fashion. Rather, set it a little bit towards the back. Now pin the collar to the top edge of the top collar stand, matching notches. Portrait collar . :), This is so cool, seeing it all in a pretty print:) Btw, over the years I’ve stopped bothering with stretching the second stand piece when joining it in; haven’t noticed any problems…. Next, take piece #4 and press up the curved edge, and attach the same way to the collar, on the opposite side. You want to join the Sugaridoo-Quilt-Along? BERNINA This means it needs to be a little bit longer than the under collar so the latter doesn’t peek out. If you don't have any collar stays around, they should be about 0.9 x 6.4cm (3/8" x 2 1/2") before being shaped. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. Starch adds stiffness to the shirt fabric, helping it to maintain a crisp appearance … At this point, the collar will begin. Doesn’t it look nice? Then I poked a pin into the collar stand where the collar stand ends. Because the front seam of the collar is at an angle, you shouldn’t pin the collar like in the picture, beginning of collar to the mark of the center front. But, I just couldn’t wait to finish my Granville! Cut one collar stand and one collar fall pieces in fusible interfacing but cut away the seam allowances to eliminate bulk in the finished garment. This way, the under collar isn’t visible at all and even the seam disappears. Stitch shirt to collar at 5/8″ seam allowance and press seam up. Press the bottom seam up 5/8″, wrong sides together. The edge of the button placket needs to be aligned with the edge of the collar stand when we’re finished. The collar stand pattern pieces have a little mark at the center front. Match up the centre back seam of the garment with that of the collar. Put the collar away again. Sew a few centimeters, joining the layers. Instead we make the collar, then attach the stand to the shirt, then insert the collar into the stand. :), I have the same book and followed that method. All that’s missing now is the buttonhole in the collar stand. Oct 13, 2012 - is an online community for crafts and DIY projects where you can find loads of ideas, advice, and inspiration. Line up the button stand extension with the button placket. Taking Measurements For Chinese Collar. The book from Coffin is on the way to me, thank you for talking about it. I wish you had used contrasting fabrics! Because the seam allowances need to be trimmed, I like to sew this seam twice to secure the fabric from fraying. Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Plus Size Long Sleeve Front Fleece Shirt Stand Up Collar. For this pattern, the collar pieces are the same. If you mark the seam allowance on the collar, you’ll want the center front to meet the very beginning of this seam line.
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